Writing and linguistics georgia southern university

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Writing and linguistics georgia southern university

Early life[ edit ] An 18th-century map of Toskegee and the contemporary location of Monroe County in Tennessee Sequoyah's heroic status has led to several competing accounts of his life that are speculative, contradictory, or fabricated. Davis, there were very few primary documents describing facts of Sequoyah's life.

Some anecdotes were passed down orally, but these often conflict or are vague about times and places. James Mooneya prominent anthropologist and historian of the Cherokee people, quoted a cousin as saying that as a little boy, he spent his early years with his mother. Estimates of his birth year ranged from to His name is believed to come from the Cherokee word siqua meaning ' hog '.

However, Davis says the name may have been derived from sikwa either a hog or an opossum and vi meaning a place or an enclosure. Mooney stated that she was the niece of a Cherokee chief.

McKinney and Hall noted that she was a niece of chiefs who have been identified as the brothers Old Tassel and Doublehead.

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Sources differ as to the identity of Sequoyah's father. Nott claimed he was the "son of a Scotchman". Bird says that Sequoyah was a full-blood Cherokee who always opposed the submission and assimilation of his people into the white man's culture.

The encyclopedia noted that Bird presented no documentary evidence, but has gained some credibility in academic circles. Various explanations have been proposed, but the reason is unknown. Wuteh did not remarry afterward assuming she married her son's father in the first place.

There were no siblings, and Sequoyah was raised by his mother alone. He and Wuteh spoke only Cherokee. Some reports indicate this may have been caused by injury in battle; others say the cause was a hunting accident. Davis wrote that an early issue of the Cherokee Advocate said that " Despite his lack of schooling, Sequoyah displayed a good deal of natural intelligence.

writing and linguistics georgia southern university

As a child, he had devised and built milk troughs and skimmers for the dairy house that he had constructed. As he grew older and came in contact with more white men, he learned how to make jewelry.

He became a noted silversmith, creating various items from the silver coins that trappers and traders carried. He never signed his pieces, so there are none that can be positively identified as his work. His store became an informal meeting place for Cherokee men to socialize and, especially, drink whiskey.

Sequoyah developed a great fondness for alcohol and soon spent much of his time drunk. After a few months he was rarely seen sober, neglecting his farm and trading business and spending his money buying liquor by the keg.

He began to draw. Then he took up blacksmithing, so he could repair the iron farm implements that had recently been introduced to the area.The Muse Writers Center has many teachers who are professional writers, published in poetry, fiction, plays, screenplays, and nonfiction.

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