Workplace relaxation rooms

Are you having trouble relaxing in your own room? Available to all students, faculty and staff.

Workplace relaxation rooms

Shutterstock Break rooms are an often overlooked feature of the workplace that can actually be counterproductive if used improperly. Take these features of successful company break rooms as inspiration.

Free coffee is a staple in most offices for a reason. Make sure you have some kind of coffee available in your break room, with all the extras--sugar, cream, cups, and stirrers, at least.

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Coffee works as a positive incentive for your workers, functioning as an added perk for the job pun intended. Caffeine increases attention spans, improves focus, and Workplace relaxation rooms mental energy so your workers can work more and feel rewarded while doing so. No break room is complete without an area for your employees to actually take a break.

Lunch Workplace relaxation rooms are important for the obvious reasons: But they also serve a more important purpose--they create a natural opportunity for your workers to engage with one another. Those conversations can help to solve existing problems facing those workers, or promote interpersonal connections and a greater sense of teamwork.

Do something to make it stand out. Making this distinction is important because it will allow your workers to fully disconnect from their workspace and decompress.

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The change in environment will give them a chance to relax and embrace the change in scenery. Games are important in the break room for two reasons. It helps relieve stress and promotes greater productivity when the employees go back to work. Second, if you offer a multiplayer game like foosball or billiards, it promotes bonding amongst your workers and leads to a stronger team mentality.

The break room should be a lively, stimulating place.

Workplace relaxation rooms

Instead, paint the break room a unique color or feature an idiosyncratic pattern. You can also decorate your tables and walls with various items, from motivational posters to community-based bulletin boards.

Try not to overthink it either--just create an interesting environment that stands out from the rest of the office.

If you want to go the extra mile, include some healthy food options for your workers. Like with the free coffee, your workers will consider it an extra perk of the job, but there are other benefits to offering healthy food in the break room.

This way, workers can settle their hunger and improve their productivity without resulting in a lethargic mid-afternoon droop.

Include options like nuts, whole grains, yogurt, and fresh vegetables if you can. Comfortable furniture might cost a bit more, but it will also help your workers feel more relaxed and respected.

Since your break room is more than just a place to eat lunch, you could even include a couch or two to accommodate workers just looking to relax. Upgrading your furniture may seem like a trivial improvement, but the long-term benefits are significant.

But if you can afford to put a television or two in your break room, go for it. Keep them at a low volume and restrict the number of channels available to cut down on their potential as a distraction, but televisions can be extremely valuable in entertaining and informing your employees.

A steady stream of relevant information, such as national news, helps your workers feel more involved and get more informed about the happenings of the world outside your office.

Break rooms should be host to regular celebrations throughout your company, depending on how and when you choose to honor your employees. No matter what types of celebrations you include, make your break room a place people associate with positive experiences.

It will add to the relaxing, separated atmosphere of the room and improve the break time your employees have on a regular basis.

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Finally, truly great break rooms have features that have been requested by your employees themselves. In your break room, put a comment box that allows employees to submit ideas they have about how to make the break room a better place. Then, incorporate the most valuable suggestions. If you feel adventurous, you could apply this concept to your entire company.

Sep 16, More from Inc.The workplace is becoming increasingly digital, and even companies with an open floor plan may notice that employees are keeping to themselves more often.

Diversity and Meditation

Giving your employees a space to hang out with their coworkers is a great way to increase collaboration among employees.

Rest and Relaxation in the Workplace? Office Design Ideas for Modern Workspaces Reduce Stress Improve Performance Do you have an employee wellness room in . A meditation room, also known as a serenity room, is a place where employees can take mini-retreats for prayer, yoga, meditation or a few minutes of silence.

Workplace relaxation rooms

Some meditation rooms may have incense, cushions and guided meditation CD’s. A relaxation room is designed to imbue a sense of peace and tranquility, giving its visitors a mini vacation from the bustle of a busy or stressful day.

The Relaxation Factor of Spas Most people get a look of relaxation on their face when someone says the word, spa. The imagery of mud baths, facials, manicures, pedicures, and massages triggers a feeling of complete relaxation. Relaxation in the workplace (it's not a contradiction in terms) Share via Email; Stress-related absence in the workplace now costs UK employers around £11 billion a .

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