The west vs the rest

The evidence of this is perhaps most striking in the Americas.

The west vs the rest

Richard has authored or co-authored around 20 books dealing with business, ideas, and personal success; and is also an investor. Most of the policies tried in the last few years have been unsuccessful; some of them have been disastrous.

We need a new approach.

The west vs the rest

Every Western policymaker, and every citizen who thinks at all about these issues, tends to operate, whether consciously or not, with one of six mental models. The first is Western universalism, the view that the West represents modernity and that the nations of the world will, sooner or later, turn to Western-style liberalism and capitalism.

The Westernization of the world, this view holds, will happen without the West having to do anything much. This used to be a popular view, but now it just seems like a delusion. Anyone knows that many cultures around the world - not just Islam - are very resistant to Westernization.

The second model is so-called Liberal Imperialism. The aim of this school is to make the world Western, by force if necessary. The West is justified, according to this view, in imposing its civilization on the rest. But there are three problems with this model.

One is that it is not liberal, so it's a contradiction of Western values - you can't impose liberty. Another problem is that it won't work. The more the West tries to impose itself by force, the more resistance there is.

And imperialism requires imperialists. Americans in particular don't want to "go there" - you can't run an absentee empire. There is no market for this approach and no supplier either. Being willing to wage war is not a substitute for staying and changing countries.

Iraq should have proved this beyond doubt. The third school I call "World America", which is Liberal Imperialism without the pretence at liberalism. This view holds that the world will be safest if America and her allies impose universal peace and common economic policies.

This is not a popular policy, but it based on some kind of reality - America's overwhelming military force. Before invading Iraq, America already had military installations in over countries. If the US were really determined, its military, scientific and business superiority might enable it to rule most of the world, alongside allies in Europe, Japan and Korea.

China, Russia and India might stand in the way, of course. But in any case, this policy is not going to happen.Spotlight: The West vs. The Rest Departments - Upfront | Sales Trends. Regional trends in the booming hemp-derived CBD market.

A major international research project led by a University of Sussex academic provides new evidence that the common belief in a cultural divide between the West and the rest of the world is little. Killer Apps What combination of characteristics set the West apart from the rest of the world?

The West, while it still retains a margin of superiority over other states or even civilizations is not ascendant anymore. This statement needs to be qualified. Jun 14,  · now the answer to your question, 'west versus the rest' is one of the clashes which will happen between the western civilization and all other civilizations.

this will happen because, as it is evident the western culture tries to impose itself upon all other cultures and tries to dominate them. this desire of domination over other cultures will Status: Resolved.

The discourse of “The West versus the rest” has certainly shaped attitudes and, hence, the realities of colonization and subsequent development of the world outside of Europe.

The evidence of this is perhaps most striking in the Americas.

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