The jealous and bitter character of the narrator in cathedral a short story by raymond carver

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The jealous and bitter character of the narrator in cathedral a short story by raymond carver

November 15, at 9: I would like to suppose that the old man with wings is representing a divine creature as I interpret. Most people will never believe in something unless they can see it. Never being able to see God leads most people to turn a blind eye to any god at all.

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People spend a lot of their lives looking for something or simply living life in accordance to their religion. I think that the family dealt with this in their interactions with the old man. They are living their life as they always have when this being comes upon them.

They try to deal with him but in the end find it exhausting and overwhelming trying to cope with his meaning or what he might do to their son. Later in the story when the man is no longer interesting to the crowds, you feel there may be a connection to the old man and the son. In the other hand, I also think that the spider girl is meant to perform as a distraction from god or religion.

She is something tangible and real, something people can see and touch and relate to. This suggests that most people will respond to something more human, something they can speak to and in turn get a response from. People have to rely on faith to believe in god and cannot depend on the answers to always be clear and that can be trying.

I also think it is sad that the family just let him go, the wife in particular just watched him disappear into the horizon and felt as if a burden had been lifted from her.

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I believe this happens regularly in religion, you may not think you have something until it is gone and you respond to it. And this story can open up the mind of the readers how interesting and important the religion is, because it is the only way we can communicate with God by having faith to him when it comes to any situation.

I feel there is a very strong association between this story and a spiritual idea.At the start of Raymond Carver's short story "Cathedral," the tone of the story is begrudging and negative as expressed by the words of the narrator. The narrator of the story is unhappy about his.

In Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral,” we are introduced to the narrator, who seems to be a jealous, quiet, and mean alcoholic. The narrators wife has a friend, Robert, who is a blind man. Robert’s wife died, so he wanted to see the narrators wife to be comforted.

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students who were then studying in UK. Raymond Carver’s advice to himself during a diYcult time in his progress as a writer was advice that stayed with him, and it could be taken as one motto for the American short story writer.

Glory is bound up with First Things and the End of the Line: with radiance, the divine, and death. The eye and the ear.

The jealous and bitter character of the narrator in cathedral a short story by raymond carver

The sun, moon, and stars, whether celestial or down-to-earth.

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