Salient features of indian economy essays about education

Article shared by 1. Role of Education Education is responsible for the all round development of the individuals. It is also responsible for cultural assimilation and provides strength to democracy, secularism.

Salient features of indian economy essays about education

November 22, By Sehba Indian economy bags the seventh position among the other strongest and largest economies among the world. Even though the rate of growth has been sustainable and comparatively stable, but there are still fair opportunities of growth. With the growing standards and opportunities in India, it is expected to very soon capture a very dominant position among the others in the world.

The characteristic features of India Economy is discussed below in details: Features of Indian Economy 1.

salient features of indian economy essays about education

India has a mixed economy Indian economy is a true example of complete mixed economy. This means both private and public sectors co-exist and function here, simultaneously.

On one side, some of the fundamental and heavy industrial units are being operated under the public sector. Whereas, due to the liberalization factors of the economy, the private sector has gained further enhancements in terms of scope.

This makes it a perfect amalgamation of both public and private sectors being operated and supported under a single economic cloud. Agriculture plays the key role in supporting the Indian economy Agriculture being the maximum pursued occupation in Indian plays an important role in its economy as well.

This gives a higher impact on the Indian economy, both directly and indirectly. Agricultural sector is thereby also called as the backbone of the Indian economy. It forms as a major component of livelihood for maximum people in India. The agricultural products being exported such as fruits, vegetables, spices, vegetable oils, tobacco, animal hair, etc.

salient features of indian economy essays about education

Earlier agriculture used to be the prime contributor as industrialization was at a lower edge during the time. With the growing time, subsequently industrial took a high tide in the country making it a very important contributor to it. Well the Indian economy keeps both these in good balance.

It amalgamates the agricultural outputs towards enhancing the industries and contributing to the growth of the economy, together. An Emerging Market Being a developing country with great level of economic well-being, India has emerged as an emerging market for the other players.

Holding a constant GDP rate even in the downfall situations, it has kept its position intact making it a lucrative spot for the other economies to invest. This has in turn also helped the Indian economy exist as a robust economy among the other leaders. India has a high potential with low investments and risk factors, this also makes it an emerging market for the world.7) Examine the salient features of India’s National Policy on Education (NPE , modified in ).

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Contact Us Words Essay on Indian Economy: Adopting New Approach By Dipti After independence, India chartered a path of economic development based on mixed economy, building a new industrial structure around the public sector and a closely monitored, regulated and controlled system where government played the role of licenser in the process of building industry.

There were few hiccups in . Read this article to learn about Salient Features of Economic Reforms in India! The salient features of new economic policy are liberlisation, privatisation and globalisation of the economy (LPG policy). (1) Liberalisation: Simply speaking liberalisation means to free to .

Features of Indian Economy – 20 Points Category: Economy of India On November 22, By Sehba Indian economy bags the seventh position among the other strongest and largest economies among the world. Paper XVIII INDIAN ECONOMY- PERFORMANCE AND POLICIES Section 1: Basic Issues in Economic Development Developed and Underdeveloped Economies 1.

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