Postville raid essay help

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Postville raid essay help

Biblical source[ edit ] The Torah Deut. For mammals, this is restricted to ruminants which have split hooves. Shochtim[ edit ] In the Talmudic era beginning in CE with the Jerusalem Talmud and CE with the Babylonian Talmud and extending through the medieval agesrabbis started to debate and define kosher laws.

As the laws increased in number and complexity, following ritual slaughter laws became difficult for Jews who were not trained in those laws.

This resulted in the need for a shochet someone who has studied shechita extensively to perform the slaughtering in the communities.

Postville raid essay help of study include the preparation of slaughtering tools, ways to interpret which foods follow the laws of shechita, and types of terefot unfit kosher animals. Rabbis acted as the academics who, among themselves, debated how to apply laws from the Torah to the preparation of animals.

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Rabbis also conducted experiments to determine under which terefot animals were no-longer kosher. Shochtim studied under these rabbis, as rabbis were the officials who first interpret, debate, and determine the laws of shechita.

In medieval ages, the shochtim were treated as second in social status, just underneath rabbis. Shochtim were respected for committing their time to studying and for their importance to their communities.

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They maintain that the animal must be on its back or lying on its side, and some also allow for the animal to be suspended upside down. It must not be stabbed into the neck or buried by fur, hide, feathers, the wound itself, or a foreign object such as a scarf which may cover the knife.

Slaughtering above or below these limits renders the meat unkosher. Temple Grandin has observed that "if the rules of the five forbidden techniques are disobeyed, the animal will struggle.

If these rules are obeyed, the animal has little reaction.

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By biblical law the knife may be made from anything not attached directly or indirectly to the ground and capable of being sharpened and polished to the necessary level of sharpness and smoothness required for shechita.

The Minhag now is to use a metal knife. The knife must be at least slightly longer than the neck width but preferably at least twice as long as the animal's neck is wide, but not so long that the weight of the knife is deemed excessive.

If the knife is too large, it is assumed to cause Derasah, excessive pressing. Kosher knife makers sell knives of differing sizes depending on the animal.

Shorter blades may technically be used depending on the number of strokes employed to slaughter the animal, but the normative practice today is that shorter blades are not used.We will write a custom essay sample on Agriprocessors – Muckrakers of the 21st Century specifically for you for only $ $/page.

What is now known as the Postville Raid, occurred in A large scale raid was performed by Homeland Security and the CIA. There are plenty of organizations that help kids find jobs that will suit. The United States is committed to aggressive efforts to remove unauthorized immigrants while honoring its commitment to race neutrality.

Yet immigration enforcement has disproportionately targeted Mexicans and Central Americans. Online essay and college paper samples.


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Teachers were told that we could go along to the church if we wanted to volunteer to help. I chose to go along with several other teachers.

postville raid essay help

The Tenth Anniversary of the Postville Raid brought back many memories of the time of the raid. I denounced the abuse in an essay that helped secure a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

postville raid essay help

Biblical source. The Torah (Deut. ) states that sheep and cattle should be slaughtered "as I have instructed you" but nowhere in the Five books of Moses are any of the practices of shechita described. Instead, they have been handed down in Judaism's traditional Oral Torah, and codified in .

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Postville Raid Essay Help