Me in the subic

The Subic Grand Seas is one of the newer hotels in Barrio Baretto, with a market just across the street and girly bars all over.

Me in the subic

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Actually, it was the biggest overseas naval base of the United States. Granted, it was finally closed in the early s, but regardless all the locals speak English and there are still many Americans that are retired military living in Subic.

Life in Subic Bay The bay is surrounded by the town of Subic and Olongapo City, both in the province of Zambales, as well as the towns of Morong and Dinalupihan in the province of Bataan in the east.

I have never been on the far side of the bay, I stick to Subic and Olongapo. However one time I took out a boat and checked out the entire bay, which is bigger than I originally thought. This withdrawal marked the first time since the 16th Century that no foreign military forces were present in the Philippines.

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Almost all of the bars and resorts in Subic Bay are owned by this collection of men. Through a mutual acquaintance here in Austin I became buddies with one of these gentlemen, a cool fellow by the name of Tom.

He owns the resort I always stay at, as well as a disco, a real estate company, and a few other ventures around town. Most are surprised that someone my age not in the military has stumbled upon the fun in the Philippines and with the base being closed, everyone is a little surprised to see a young American around town again — I still get stares.

One of my best buddies in Subic is Ron, who is pictured to the side with his Filipina wife and two kids. He and I like to slip away from our ladies and hit the town or Angeles City when we have a chance. Actually, his wife Elsa who is friends with my ex Claire is from Angeles, so they have a sweet gig worked out: Subic Bay, which collectively refers to Subic, Barrio Barretto, and Olongapo City, is much more tame than Angeles City, although the underlying sex trade is still obvious.

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In AC women will flock to you deep, here in Subic the ladies will surround you 2- or 3-deep at most. At any resort you stay at, come sunrise you will always see a couple of girls come down from the rooms upstairs and quietly make their way out.

That, in a nutshell, describes the vibe over here.

Me in the subic

Prostitution is completely normal and acceptable, although no one ever utters that word or mentions the fact that it is technically illegal even here in the Philippines. As the American locals describe it, it is more like charity.

I mean the sex costs next to nothing, and usually the ladies are sending the money back to their home province to help their family.

Me in the subic

If you have never been with an Asian or experienced the Asian mentality, then I am sorry but you do not know what you are missing. Those ladies are all about making you happy, it is easy to believe that she genuinely likes you.

Compare it to a one-night stand after going downtown. And no, there are no pimps over here, at least not in Subic or Angeles City or anywhere else I have visited. All the working girls are affiliated with one of the bars or discos.

They will show up every evening looking tempting and are impossible to miss or mistake. It works like this: Better numbers than a pimp will give you anyway. Because the girls are always affiliated with a bar or disco, their beauty and availability and health are what consistently brings people out every night.

Every week the working girls will go and get a test from the local clinic, certifying they have a clean bill of health. If you ever seen any of the usual girls sitting on the sidelines, not dressed up or dressed down, as I suppose the case would bewell then you know why.

I have written about all different types of places to meet girls in Subic and so the last topic I want to cover (for now) are good hotels to stay at during your trip. The most important thing right away: I highly recommend you to stay in Barrio Barretto. For me the bar scene of Subic is a little paradise. Barrio Barretto is the name of the beach town that is home to about two dozen girly bars that have young and pretty Filipina ladies employed to look after the wellbeing of the male customers. Subic is a sea side area of Luzon Island in Zambales province within the region of Subic Bay, Philippines. Subic is the famous destination for water sport lovers and also a home of the renowned Subic Bay Ocean Adventure, where dolphins and tropical fish .

Tricky sons of bitches ha ha ha… All that having been said, Jared and I were a little surprised by our first visit. Hell, the first trip we only stayed for a week because we did not know what to expect.

5 Best Hotels for Girls & Sex in Subic Bay

Subic Bay has plenty of touristy things to do during the day, including as parasailing, jungle trekkingvisiting Ocean Adventures, flying over the volcano, or even just shopping the markets in Olongapo. But once the sun sets, the discos, the go-gos, and the bars own the town.

At the end of that trip we had a good half-dozen of the local expats all ask us the same question: Jared and I were a quite shocked, but not as shocked as the local guys when they learned that we had not taken any of the girls home, having shot down all their advances even while completely drunk.

In our opinion we are both young, hip, good-looking guys, why should we have to pay for sex when we can get it for free? All of the nightclubs are scattered just blocks away, along the opposite of National Hwy or scattered down the side streets.

Everything is within walking distance, but there are always jeepneys and trikes available for transportation as well, just as in any other city in the Philippines. The iconic Filipino jeepney — no two are painted the same The jeepneys essentially small buses were originally made from discarded American military jeeps after World War II, although newer ones have been manufactured since which still resemble the original jeepneys.

They are color-coded depending on the route they follow and are most certainly the most affordable way to get around downtown.Life in Subic Bay Philippines covering living, the bars and girls the and every thing else you would want to know. Camayan Beach Resort Hotel, located in Freeport Zone, Subic (Zambales), is a popular choice for travelers.

From here, guests can enjoy easy /10(). Subic Bay Freeport Zone, as the name suggests, is a zone with a port area that allows entry of imported goods tax-free! You can do your shopping spree at the Royal Duty Free, Nike Outlet Store or Harbor Point Mall, to name a few.

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Le Charme Subic Hotel is the newest modern hotel in Subic. Le Charme Subic hotel caters to both businessmen and sports enthusiasts, it delivers your business and leisure needs. ABOUT LE CHARME. Subic Bay Freeport - a place to invest in, to fly or ship to and from, to visit for business or leisure, or simply to live in.

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