Marketing chocolate in finland

As a kid, I always remember going to the local general store with my dad for groceries every Saturday evening.

Marketing chocolate in finland

TRENDS Despite being a mature category and Finland having one of the highest per capita chocolate confectionery consumption rates in Marketing chocolate in finland, volume sales rose in The rise was the result of removal of the sweet tax at the beginning ofwhich resulted in a notable decline in unit prices.

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Retailers successfully campaigned to increase consumer awareness of lower prices and Finns could not resist, allowing themselves to indulge more with regard to chocolate confectionery.

At the same time, many other strong trends were present in chocolate confectionery, as innovative marketing and product launches continued to take place.

For instance, ethical and environmental concerns were trends that were met with the launch of more Rainforest Alliance-certified products. This, for example, was the case with newly launched Magnum chocolate confectionery products.

In addition, putting an emphasis on flavour experience was another trend. In particular, retro flavours and combining popular confectionery flavours into one new product were successful strategies that appealed strongly to consumers.

Marketing chocolate in finland

The company also regularly launches new products that tend to represent and create trends and offer consumers new kinds of flavour experiences, textures and package sizes.

For example, byFazer Makeiset only marketed chocolate confectionery made of responsibly produced cocoa, UTZ- Rainforest Alliance- and Fairtrade Cocoa Programme-certified, to cater to ongoing ethical and environmental concerns. PROSPECTS Finns will continue to be on the lookout for seasonal and special editions, as well as new flavour and texture experiences, when purchasing chocolate confectionery.

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In addition, consumers are expected to pay more attention to responsibly produced chocolate products and pay attention to certifications confirming sustainability.

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Marketing chocolate in finland

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Want to find out more about this report?Getting touch with Taiga Chocolate. Thank you for visiting the Taiga Chocolate online shop. In all the queries, please don't hesitate to contact us. Already as a kid living in Turku, Finland, I loved the factory visit at our local chocolate factory Hellas (currently Cloetta).

It feels great to be a part of that long history of indulgence and to have developed the company's strategy and portfolio further. Chocolate, Cocoa and Sugar Confectionery Market in Finland to - Market Size, Development, and Forecasts.

Jun 22, | USD Forecasts offers the most up-to-date market data on the actual market situation, and future outlook for chocolate, cocoa and sugar confectionery in Finland.

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Chocolate and chocolate products include all chocolate confectionery with the exception of biscuits, spreads containing cocoa or white chocolate. This includes primarily chocolate bars, candy bars and pralines. The five major chocolate manufacturers in the world are Mondelez International, Mars, Nestlé, Ferrero and Hershey.

Hi again chocolate lovers, As you might have read from my blog post from a few weeks ago, we want to be more transparent and share more of our plans with you! Our company decided to change the name of our marketing team to impact team.

Fazer is an international family-owned company offering quality bakery, confectionery, biscuit and grain products, plant-based meals and non-dairy products as well as food and café services.

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