Its the possible solution

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Its the possible solution

Similar to education and literacy, the unemployed are more likely to succumb to illegal ways of making money out of desperation.

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Many internet scammers and other grifters engage in this type of activity because they lack the opportunity to make legitimate gains.

How do the countries with the highest rates of unemployment fare on the corruption scale? While not as clear-cut as illiteracy rates, 6 of the 10 countries with the highest unemployment rates are in the bottom half of Transparency International's low-corruption rankings.

None fared particularly well on low-corruption rankings, with Namibia being the closest as the 54th least corrupt country in the world. Demonstration against unemployment in Kerala, India. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.

Its the possible solution

Greediness is impossible to tabulate, but it is undoubtedly an important cause of corruption. Corruption continues to exist because the people with the most in a society are not content with Its the possible solution they have. The more they have, the more they want to acquire.

In corrupt societies, politics is an avenue for greed as leaders use their positions to embezzle vast amounts of public funds meant for the public good.

In corrupt societies, governments are unable or unwilling to stop corruption. They lack strong-willed or impartial anti-corruption agencies, and such agencies can easily be swallowed into corruption themselves. When such agencies are honest, their work is slow. In the worst cases, leaders staff anti-corruption agencies with their friends.

The impotence of governments in the face of corruption is mimicked in the private sector. Corrupt business practices continue because executives are often the beneficiaries of those practices. A government which is weak cannot fight corruption because he will not in any way be propelled to take good action.

Drug use is often practiced by disaffected youth, who in turn create demand for a drug market that fuels corruption. In countries like the United States, hard drugs are commonly associated with crime among delinquent youths.

Its the possible solution

The country's demand for drugs has allowed cartels in Mexico and Central America to flourish, and the Mexican government is frequently held hostage by the will of powerful drug gangs running supplies into the United States and elsewhere.

Davey from Where I Live Now: Pacific Northwest - One Rotten Grapefruit. The government and powerful individuals should work together to create jobs for the masses. Those countries that lack technological development should invite other countries and private companies to help them build their technological infrastructure.

When the masses make money and learn skills as employees of those companies, they can start their own businesses. This will, in turn, create more jobs for the citizens of the country.

Governments should encourage skill acquisition programs and employment seminars. The people that gain those skills will develop their own businesses with time and start employing others. Within companies, mentorship programs can ensure that skills and knowledge are passed on to younger employees.

Pay Public Employees a Living Wage: It may seem counter-intuitive to pay corrupt employees more, but if police officers and low-level bureaucrats make enough money by working, they won't feel the need to take bribes.

In Nigeria, policemen are considered to be the most corrupt institution in the country, according to the Nigeria Corruption Survey Study. Public employees should also undergo anti-corruption training and education, emphasizing the negative effects of corruption.

Electronic monitors, computer programs, and other technologies can monitor corruption in government and businesses. In corrupt countries, the use of technology can be preferable to relying on anti-corruption agencies staffed with friends of corrupt governments.

Each country should have anti-corruption initiatives. At the same time, there should be an international body monitoring corruption around the world without the need to answer to the rich and powerful within corrupt societies. The problem with some anti-corruption bodies is that many of them do not carry out their functions well.

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What is Corruption? Why Is It a Problem?

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