Indium research paper essay

Indium Indium Few people outside the world of chemistry know about the element indium; yet it is found playing a very important role in several commonly used products. Indium is a soft, silver-white post-transitional metal, meaning its melting point of Due to this distance between melting and boiling points with indium, the element has an extraordinary large working liquid range.

Indium research paper essay

Those high quality ITO films are only obtainable through plasma-assisted deposition techniques such as sputtering, which is the established high-throughput process for uniform large area coating.

However, the sputtering process can damage the OLED. Thus, buffer layers are necessary to protect the organic layers of an OLED against the particle bombardment during the sputter deposition of the top electrode.

Indium research paper essay

There are several requirements for such a buffer layer. Besides an effective protection, high transparency in the visible region and sufficient electrical conductivity are mandatory. In addition, the buffer layer should facilitate efficient charge injection from the ITO electrode into the organic transport layer.

And finally, the buffer layer should form pin-hole free, homogenous thin films accomplishable with established and gentle large-area coating techniques. Several buffer layer concepts have been introduced which are discussed in the following.

This report shows clearly the trade-off between transparency and protective properties. However, the transparency dropped exponentially with increasing thickness of the Mg-Ag layer. Note, several transparent displays, e. Thus, to realize fully transparent OLEDs the thickness of the metal buffer layers is restricted to a very thin layer which can lead to insufficient protection against the ITO sputtering process.

Organic materials The use of an organic buffer layer, e. Yamamori and colleagues identified metal acethylacetonate complexes such as Mg acac 2, Ca acac 2, and Ni acac 2 as effective sputtering buffer layers. The best results were obtained with Ni acac 2 which was attributed to a dense and robust stacking structure, due to Ni-Ni bonds and an improved electron injection because of the formation of mid-gap states, analogous to CuPc buffer layers.

An inverted structure with pentacene buffer layer was demonstrated by Dobbertin et al. In this study it was evidenced that the device performance is strongly coupled to the thickness of the pentacene buffer.

For thinner layers the protection was insufficient whereas for thicker layers optical absorption in pentacene limited the overall device performance. The best organic buffers are planar molecules with high packing density forming a polycrystalline structure.

However, the surface morphology deteriorates the ITO film growth on top of these layers and consequently limits the transparency and conductivity of the TCO. PSS layer on top of pentacene can lower the roughness and forms an effective hybrid buffer layer with ohmic hole-injection properties.

PSS dispersion into the underlying organic layer. PSS buffer layer reached decent efficiencies of Although the hybrid buffer layer shows reasonable results, the vacuum break and the water introduced by the PEDOT: PSS wet process cause severe limitations as far as manufacturing is concerned.

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The corresponding L-I-V characteristics are shown in Fig. WO3 films with a varied thickness were thermally evaporated from a Knudsen cell.

A high leakage current and a rather low current and power efficiency were observed. Devices without WO3 layer were mostly electrically shorted. Note, the low leakage current is comparable to that of conventional OLEDs with metal top contact.

It was therefore proposed that a WO3 layer protects the OLED against the high kinetic particles due to a high cross-section and high collision-stopping power. Similar results have been observed for MoO3 as a sputtering buffer layer in organic solar cells by Schmidt et al.

Indium research paper essay

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Indium Indium arsenide (InAs) is a similar semiconductor to GaAs whose use has expanded due to the greater electronic speeds of InAs chips over those of GaAs chips. Both GaAs and InAs are toxic to the kidney but InAs appears to exert greater toxicity on kidney cells relative to GaAs equivalent exposure conditions [59].

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