Horror of dracula

This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. August Learn how and when to remove this template message InJonathan Harker arrives at the castle of Count Dracula near Klausenburg to take up his post as librarian. Inside, he is startled by a young woman who claims she is a prisoner and begs for his help.

Horror of dracula

Founded inU. They became famous for their lush, atmospheric horror films, which dominated American and European film Horror of dracula throughout the s. The success of Universal adaptation The Curse of Frankenstein gave them the freedom to explore more adaptations, and after a lengthy legal agreement with Universal, Hammer released Dracula in Though some of the sequels took a bit of a nose dive, this film starts the series off right and sets the standard for further Hammer vampire films.

If you have never seen a Hammer horror film, they are known for lavish costumes and sets, plenty of buxom ladies, some of the red stuff in this case, very bright red and a penchant for period settings.

Dracula presents all this with gusto.

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Lee is the monster, Cushing is the doctor and Fisher films the proceedings with expert vision. Somehow they find the Count and Harker takes a post at his castle to keep watch over the demonic lord. This comes recommended, though will likely only appeal to viewers with a certain taste, particularly those who appreciate older horror films.

The acting is good, though very… British. Christopher Lee is a fantastic Dracula and probably the first to be overtly sexual or physical.

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Peter Cushing is fabulous, particularly in that red velvet suit. Do yourself a favor and at least see this film and Curse of Frankenstein. Who knew that British remakes of Universal monster films would be so good?

Check out the Warner DVD. Aside from a few references to the old boy in the narrated opening it is made clear that Dracula is dead, but his disciples remainhe, and his brides, are absent from this film. Despite that, this is one of the greatest in the Hammer canon.

He arrives on the scene just in time to save the beautiful Marianne. She is traveling alone from France through the countryside to an academy for young girls where she has an appointment to teach. On the way, she stumbles into a perverse and complicated situation where the local Baroness Meinster pays the populace to ignore the fact that she procures young girls for her vampiric son, who is chained up in the castle to prevent him from spreading further evil.

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Marianne is intended to be one of these girls, but the young Baron Meinster convinces her he is being unjustly imprisoned and she steals the key to free him. In a weirdly incestuous scene, he sinks fang into Mommy dearest, and Marianne has a chance to run away, hysterical and unsure of what she has seen.

Van Helsing arrives in time to figure out why young girls in the village are dropping like flies. By the time he links the deaths to the Baron Meinster, the Baron has several undead brides and has proposed to the still living Marianne. Van Helsing must convince her of the true nature of her gentlemen love before it is too late.

Brides of Dracula is only available in the pseudo-box set The Hammer Horror Serieswhich contains eight films on two double-sided discs. I hate double-sided discs.

It concerns two very English brothers and their wives on holiday in Europe. They find four table settings and two rooms prepared for their arrival, as well as an eccentric butler who tells them his master is dead.

Of course, their host is Dracula and the faithful butler where the hell did he come from? Though this is another solid entry in the series, you can see it beginning to go downhill.

Lee is always fantastic as Dracula, but only appears halfway through the film and gives a silent performance. Apparently his lines were so terrible that he refused to say any of them.

The set and costumes are gorgeous, as usual, and the acting is tight, but there are obvious acts of desperation on the part of the writer the great Jimmy Sangster, who wrote many Hammer films and directed a few. Where did the butler come from?

Why is there a Renfield stand-in named Ludwig?Dracula is an Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker. It introduced the character of Count Dracula, and established many conventions of subsequent vampire fantasy.

Alabama's Ghost () ENGLISH LANGUAGE Directed by Fredric Hobbs, USA Bizarro '70s horror (???) that defies description, but I will try.

Horror of dracula

Dracula () is one of the earliest classic American horror films from Carl Laemmle's Universal Pictures - an acclaimed masterpiece directed by Tod Browning, known also for two other vampire films: London After Midnight () (aka The Hypnotist) with Lon Chaney, Sr., and his own sound-era remake.

You’ve heard it all before: “All that horror rots your brain, kid;” “Don’t tempt the devil into your life;” “Where do you even FIND a magazine in this day and age?” Some folks have even gone so far as to say that you should get your horror fix from the INTERNET!

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Boy oh boy, the. Horror of Dracula (DVD) Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, Britain’s premier masters of the macabre, bring the Horror of Dracula to vivid, full-color death in this Reviews: This Hammer Studios classic is far closer to the letter (and spirit) of the Bram Stoker novel than the Bela Lugosi version of Dracula.

The premise finds the infamous count journeying from his.

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