Corruption in nigerias civil service

The anxiety of airport officials to extort money from those travelling into and out of the country, be they Nigerians or foreigners, was there for all to see. And in the civil service, right from the messenger to the official at the very top, any duty performed was based on what could be extracted from whoever sought their services. In short, corruption pervaded every stratum of Nigerian society. The use of the past tense is not to suggest that Nigeria has now been transformed into a corruption free environment.

Corruption in nigerias civil service

Our Lord has enunciated that whatever ugly situation we find ourselves in is a result of what our hands perpetrate in corrupt practices. And whatever disaster strikes you, it is because of what your hands have earned of corruption and evil deeds.

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And He Lord pardons much Q The civil service, an integral component of societal development in the developed countries of the world, has been converted to an engine of corruption in our darling Nigeria.

They are the engine of industrialisation and development, while the reverse is the case in Nigeria. Civil servants in our darling Nigeria are the architects of corruption; they design for political appointees and executive officers how to loot resources.

Civil servants are the quantity surveyors of corruption; they quantify the amount to be looted. They are also the software engineers of corruption; they use Java programming language, write a source code and Corruption in nigerias civil service an algorithm for any corrupt practice.

Corruption in nigerias civil service

They are self-appointed special advisers of corrupters, they advise any incumbent officer on the need and necessity of looting, on the basis of regaining what he spent during campaign or lobbying. They are the lawyers of corrupters, they directly or indirectly protect and represent any corrupter before any Court or Commission of enquiry.

I was terribly heartbroken psychologically yesternight, when I sincerely asked a group of people about four senior civil servants in the Federal government differently. However, I personally believe we have very few honest officials but are insignificant to bring positive change.

Sometimes they even hide their integrity and pretend they are corrupters, in order to survive and escape from war against discipline, justice and trust that is being promoted in the civil service silently and slowly, but surely. Our Lord has warned us about the dangers of corruption and general injustice, and they are the sources of any calamity, because as a result of looting resources through financial crimes, so many schools are dilapidated without well grounded teachers, and many orphans and intelligent energetic youths are out of school.

Hospitals are paralysed because of lack of skilled human resources, both in quality and quantity, in addition to lack of medical facilities and even fake drugs. Roads become death traps.

Potable drinking water is beyond the reach of many Nigerians. Hmm, nobody cares for our darling Nigeria.

Corruption and a disabled civil service – Punch Newspapers The civil servants and the amoral middle class are the foremost destroyers of Nigeria. Under various democratic regimes, we blame the politicians for all ills but there is a constant enabling entity common under the various systems of government we have experimented with — the civil service.
NEVER MISS A THING AGAIN! Subscribe to our newsletter Lamorde, who cited the involvement of civil servants in the ongoing pension fraud investigations and prosecution by the EFCC, gave the charge on Friday April 12, while receiving the newly-appointed Head of Service of the Federation Alhaji Bukar Goni Aji, OON, who paid a courtesy call on him in Abuja. Even though this is not an excuse before the law, we should be able to ask ourselves why for example most properties in the Federal Capital Territory are found to be owned by civil servants through proxies.
Nigeria's civil service: An engine of corruption By Isa Ali Pantami Civil servants are employees on government payroll in ministries and parastatals.
Nigeria: The Civil Service and Corruption - Corruption and a disabled civil service Published July 5, EFCC Boss, Ibrahim Magu The decline of moral values and the development of malpractices corruption in Nigeria are linked to the present dysfunctional state of the Nigerian civil service. Strange at it may sound, but this is true, considering the multi-layered role of the civil service.

Corruption is one of the most dangerous calamities to befall Nigerians. Believe me there is no profession in our country that is free of corruption. Corrupt practices have been institutionalised and adopted in the executive, judicial and legislative arms of government, journalism, politics, academia, security agencies and even religious institutions and scholarship.

However, my sincere apology goes to the few incorruptible and sincere people who have maintained their integrity in spite of the temptations around them.

I supplicate to Him, to bless them with the gardens of Heaven, ameen. Peace and blessings be upon them in this world and in the next, ameen. The Prophet Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him says: Any flesh that grows from ill-gotten gains corrupt practices will definitely be in the Hell-fire Saheehul-Jamee: Consequently, Dr Saleeh emphasised that when he buys food, clothing and transportation with this ill-gotten money, and builds houses and furnishes it, and fills his stomach with the illegitimate money from looting, definitely he will be in hell-fire on the Judgment Day.

On that Day, every person will definitely be questioned on how he earned money in this world, and on what he spent it, and there will be an atmosphere of doom and loss.

Finally, anyone who has money from an illegal source should hasten to return it and ask for forgiveness before there comes a Day in which Sterling Pounds, Euros, dollars and naira will be of no avail, and all that counts will be good actions attained through legal resources, sincerity and sacrifice.

May our Lord enrich us with lawful resources that are beneficial to us and the entire mankind in this world and in the hereafter. And may He rescue our sinking Nigeria from drowning ultimately, ameen.At independence in , when Nigerian leaders took over the civil service, no attempt was made to restructure the civil service to suit the new nation’s own developmental needs; hence the inbuilt corruption in the system has continued till today despite the series of reforms that have taken place by successive regimes in Nigeria.

The civil war () and the oil wealth during the Gowon era (July July ) brought a new dimension to official corruption in Nigeria. It was an era of “boom” for soldiers and their.

Nigeria: The Civil Service and Corruption -

Hence, this study titled “Corruption and Accountability in the Nigerian Public Sector: A study of Federal Civil Service Commission” is carried out to assess the effect of cor ruption on the level of accountability in the Nigerian public sector.

The recent declaration by the Federal Government that the civil service is corrupt is a known fact which needs to be addressed as the fire of the war against corruption rages.

In addition to great potential for abuse, such practices have a number of undesirable side effects such as distorting the incentive structure of public servants, encouraging specific forms of corruption and patronage, creating situations favourable to conflicts of interest, competition for time and brain drain.

The Head of Service told the EFCC Chairman that he had strengthened and enhanced the autonomy of the anti corruption units in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies and called on the Commission to lend its expertise to help stamp out corruption and other vices in the Nigerian civil service.

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