Comparative essay a contemplation upon flowers

The persona admires the flowers because, according to him, they are brave and charming. He wishes that he was not conceited because even though the flowers are very charming and beautiful they are not conceited.

Comparative essay a contemplation upon flowers

Some of them are unedited while some of them are.

A Contemplation Upon Flowers | Essay Example

I apologise for not citing the sites as references. In this way, he gives the word, strength and force in order to emphasise his appreciation.

In addition, he remarks that flowers are not conceited; they do not think too highly of themselves. He declares that he wishes that he could be like them on both counts, that is, courageous and yet not stuck-up!

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He then explains further when he says that when flowers emerge and attract attention with their beauty they make no problems; rather they quietly return to the earth, from which they came, after they are seen.

There is the suggestion at this point that the flowers do not feel important for they know that the earth is the source of their beauty embroidered garments and so growing, blooming, fading, withering and then becoming a part of the earth once again is taken as natural and create no cause for concern.

And, so he next appeals for a lesson. His desire is to get to a position where he can smile at death, where he can make an agreement with death. Do you see the significance of that statement? This, therefore, tells us that he feels that he is at war with death and is uncomfortable about it. Why do you think I say that?

I do so because if he were not, he would not sound so anxious to be like the flowers and would not be talking about a truce.

Comparative essay a contemplation upon flowers

In the last four lines, our speaker brings the flowers which he respects face to face with death, which he fears. The influence of the flowers is great, for here he sees them as displaying no fear.

A Contemplation Upon Flowers Essay Sample

They look good; they brighten up the funereal atmosphere and make the place smell fragrant. The flowers are dying, but they do fulfil their purpose anyway, and this is the attitude the speaker wants to achieve. He wants to be able to approach death as if he were approaching a friend, sweetly and with confidence.

Consider, the rhyming pattern, the run-on lines, the use of the colon, the conversational tone, the couplet with which the poem ends and the fact that there is only one full stop used in the whole poem.

Please notice, too, how the seasons are used as symbols.

Comparative essay a contemplation upon flowers

Is there any personification? Has this lesson assisted in your understanding of this work? I would really like to think that it has. By the way, does it surprise you that a bishop wrote this?

They know their place and obey the order, or cycle, of life and death. The persona wishes that he could be this way because he is the opposite, he wants to live forever.A Contemplation Upon Flowers: In the poem A Contemplation Upon Flowers by Henry King the comparison of the life of a simple flower is made to the life of a human, in the sense that we both are born, we both live, and we both must die.

A contemplation Upon flowers by Henry King and Once Upon A Time by Gabriel Okara Essay. In the poems “Once upon a Time” by Gabriel Okara and “A Contemplation Upon Flowers” by Henry King, both speakers yearn for transformation and spiritual renewal of their minds - A contemplation Upon flowers by Henry King and Once Upon A Time by Gabriel Okara Essay introduction.

The persona wants the flowers to teach Oh that I could bed of earth but view, him NOT to fear death, but to accept it. smile and look as cheerfully as you. Oh teach me to see death and not to fear, LITERARY DEVICES But rather to take truce; /5(). ENGLISH LITERATURE CXC Sunday, 29 July A Contemplation Upon Flowers – Henry King; Once Upon a Time – Gabriel Okara; Forgive My Guilt – Robert Coffin the re will be four questions, two on each of the two books prescribed.

You will be required to write an essay based on thorough knowledge of one of the prescribed novels. You. In the poem "A Contemplation Upon Flowers," the main contrast is the way flowers view death versus the way the poet views flowers have no fear of death.

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In fact, they are ever present in. A Contemplation Upon Flowers - Literature Notes. The physical structure of this poem has been altered from the original layout in the text. Brave flowers, I could urbanagricultureinitiative.comt it like you, and be as little vain; You come abroad and make a urbanagricultureinitiative.comss show, And to your beds of earth again; LITERAL MEANING You are not proud, you know your birth, The 5/5().