Carrefour company essay

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Carrefour company essay

Sport InCarrefour entered China, with its first store opening in Beijing. By June the company was operating 73 hypermarkets in 29 Chinese cities and it was the number one foreign retailer in China having the fastest growing rate among its competitors [1]. The company planned to open new stores in because the competition had recently stepped up.

As competitors try to take the biggest share of pie, all brands of markets are forced to show their difference from the others in order to attract potential customers. Establishing a green store will not only provide sustainability through waste reduction but also decrease costs of the company.

Furthermore, green store will be a good way of advertisement for attracting potential customers during Olympic Games. However, since green store is a new concept for China, Monaco faced with some problems during effectuating the project [1]. There is not a certain task to follow steps and construct green store buildings.

Besides the main problem there are some sub-problems which slow down the application of green store project. These problems can be defined as follows: Building a hypermarket is challenging but operating a retail system is even more difficult. Chinese people do not take care of the equipment and this causes reduction of lifetime of equipment and cause additional maintenance cost for the company.

Decision of store managers: Although a corporate guideline set the overall store design, the store managers often use their own ideas and creative ambitions and this cause lack of standard among markets.

Carrefour company essay

Furthermore, the internal competitions among store managers make them to recover any additional costs. Wrong decisions of managers cause additional operation costs. Since the effects of these wrong decisions can be observed in the long term managers often ignore the problem.

Lack of international companies: As most international companies did not enter China market Carrefour were having difficulties about finding trusted suppliers and also suppliers that provide what Carrefour expects.

Working with local, unfamiliar suppliers causes delayed openings and escalated costs.

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The hot and humid summers and the cold and dry winters were wearing hard on the equipment. In addition, frequent power shortages cause frequent equipment breakdowns and thus less lifetime.

Sustainability Our criterion is sustainability, which means able to continue over a period of time. We have root and series problems so we need to find sustainable solutions, which are better than cheap temporary, because the sustainable ones provides saving money and time in a long term.

We can find all kinds of solutions but if we have limited financial sources or the solution is extremely expensive than its wealth, we cannot implement the solution. Advertisement Chance Advertising chance is the vital performance measure for the company because Olympic Games are so popular in the world.

Millions of people join the organization and the popularity of Carrefour must be raise. Firstly, the applicable solution for the firm is limited 2 years until Olympic Games to increase its own prestige, so firm should find applicable and effective solution in a limited time.

If Carrefour gets the chance of applying green markets before its competitors, it will increase its own prestige. Namely, Chinese government can recognize the firm as a green retailer.Carrefour Company Academic Essay 8 pages of text/graphs/figures References on an additional page (please list ALL references, including the textbook and websites).

Carrefour has proved itself especially adept at entering developing markets at an early stage. Carrefour’s approach is usually to establish a chain of hypermarkets and develop a range of own brands, and then introduce its supermarket or discount store formats.

This gives Carrefour . In , Carrefour entered China, with its first store opening in Beijing. By June the company was operating 73 hypermarkets in 29 Chinese cities and it was the number one foreign retailer in China having the fastest growing rate among its competitors [1].

Published: Mon, 5 Dec Carrefour is a French retail company which was set up in in the centre of France.

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Inventor of the French superstore concept in , the Carrefour . Carrefour Company essay, buy custom Carrefour Company essay paper cheap, Carrefour Company essay paper sample, Carrefour Company essay . Carrefour Company is one of the well-known worldwide companies that has embraced Information technology in its business processes and this has played a majorin earning a competitive edge.

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