Caring for patients under cardiac arrest

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Caring for patients under cardiac arrest

Medical use[ edit ] The safety and efficacy of trastuzumab-containing combination therapies with chemotherapy, hormone blockers, or lapatinib for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. The overall hazard ratios for overall survival and progression free survival were 0.

It was difficult to accurately ascertain the true impact of trastuzumab on survival, as in three of the seven trials, over half of the patients in the control arm were allowed to cross-over and receive trastuzumab after their cancer began to progress.

Cardiac Arrest as a Consequence of Air Embolism: A Case Report and Literature Review

Two trials involving shorter term treatment with trastuzumab did not differ in efficacy from longer trials, but produced less cardiac toxicity. The absolute reduction in the risk of cancer returning within 3 years was 9. However, it increases serious heart problems by an absolute risk of 2.

If it is determined that a tumor is overexpressing the erbB2 oncogene and the patient has no significant pre-existing heart disease, then a patient is eligible for treatment with trastuzumab. In fact resistance to the treatment develops rapidly, in virtually all patients.

A mechanism of resistance involves failure to downregulate p27 Kip1 [15] as well as suppressing p27 translocation to the nucleus in breast cancer, enabling cdk2 to induce cell proliferation.

One year of treatment is generally accepted based on current clinical trial evidence that demonstrated the superiority of one-year treatment over none. Debate about treatment duration has become a relevant issue for many public health policy makers because administering trastuzumab for a year is very expensive.

Consequently, some countries with a taxpayer-funded public health system, such as New Zealand, chose to fund limited adjuvant therapy. As a result, regular cardiac screening with either a MUGA scan or echocardiography is commonly undertaken during the trastuzumab treatment period.

Caring for patients under cardiac arrest

The decline in ejection fraction appears to be reversible. These are all significant for the function and structure of cardiomyocytes. Trastuzumab can therefore lead to cardiac dysfunction. The risk of cardiomyopathy is increased when trastuzumab is combined with anthracycline chemotherapy which itself is associated with cardiac toxicity.

Birth control[ edit ] Women having periods or whose periods stopped due to chemotherapy may need to use barrier contraception such as condoms while taking trastuzumab, and for at least six months afterwards. This is because of the possibility of harming a developing fetus.

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Caring for patients under cardiac arrest

Please help improve this section if you can.Q: Should PACU or ICU recover ICU patients on ventilators? A: The topic of recovering the ICU patient comes up frequently in questions submitted to the Clinical Practice Committee.

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Purpose: "Recently, the availability of Rituxan has substantially changed therapeutic approach to FL patients, since its combination with chemotherapy has improved response rates, progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS). Abstract.

Air embolism is an infrequent but potentially catastrophic complication. It could be a complication of invasive procedures including surgery, central line placement, positive pressure ventilation, trauma, hemodialysis, pacemaker placement, cardiac ablation, and decompression sickness.

Importance Dexmedetomidine provides sedation for patients undergoing ventilation; however, its effects on mortality and ventilator-free days have not been well studied among patients with sepsis.. Objectives To examine whether a sedation strategy with dexmedetomidine can improve clinical outcomes in patients with sepsis undergoing .

Introduction Cardiac arrest in the pediatric population is an unfortunate and devastating occurrence. It is estimated that 16, American children suffer a cardiac arrest each year.1 Tragically, only 5% to 10% of patients survive out‐of‐hospital arrests and often with severe neurological sequelae.2 Survival statistics for.

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