Biomes of the world essay

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Biomes of the world essay

Biomes as Units of the Biosphere By: Each of these species has adapted to life in a particular part of the biosphere. These particular parts are called ecosystems.


Since there is a large jump between the biosphere and ecosystems scientists have divided the biosphere into biomes. In doing research about biomes, it seems that different scientists have different ideas about biomes.

They vary in their number just as they vary in their names. Biomes could be called units of the biosphere and each biome is made up of many ecosystems. There are obviously many types of biomes in this world because of the diversity of climates around the world. The fewer number of biomes you choose to say make up our ecosystem, the more general they become.

Biomes of the world essay

Some scientists obviously believed that more types of biomes are needed to describe the variety of climates in our world. Some name as few as six biomes to describe the different areas of our biosphere but others name as many as twelve or more. I believe that six is sufficient but there are what you might call sub-biomes of each biome that some would like to differentiate from the others like them.

The taiga biome is the largest of the biomes. It is located in Canada, Europe and Asia. The average temperature of the taiga is below freezing about 6 months out of the year with about 12 to 33 inches of precipitation per year.

Biomes are characterized by their climate, which determines the particular plants found there. The climate and the plants in a biome determine what animals live there. This article addresses the climate and biodiversity of one of Earth’s most diverse and iconic biomes: the tropical rainforest. Essays Related to Biomes Of The World. 1. Marine Biomes. The aquatic biome is the biggest of the biomes, and links all our biomes together. The world is made up of 75% water and 25% soil. This means that most of the world is considered an aquatic biome. The temperature in the aquatic world tends to vary, but for the most part it /5(11). Below is an essay on "Differnces Of Biomes" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The Taiga Coniferous Forest is the biome of the needle leaf forest. Living in the taiga is cold and lonely.

There is little diversity in plant life. A few broad leaf tree species live in the taiga but mostly evergreen trees are the only ones that have adapted to really thrive in this environment. There are some animals that have adapted to live in the cold and snowy environment.

A predator called the ermine has a thick coat of dark fur that turns white in the winter. The snowshoe rabbit also has a fur that turns white in the winter.

The wolverine is able to mate during ideal conditions by delayed implantation in which they suspend dormant fertilized eggs until the conditions are ideal for bearing their young. Rainforests are the most diverse having more than 15 million species living in the biome.

The rainforest biome is sometimes separated into two different biomes. They are referred to as tropical and temperate. The tropical rainforests are located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

More than half are in Latin America and about a third are in Brazil. The rest are in Southeast Asia and West Africa. The tropical rainforest is composed of layers. The tallest trees form the emergent layer that reach above the rest of the trees around them.

The canopy is the layer of trees that catch most of the sunlight and many animals and some small plants live in this layer. The next layer is the understory that is made up of the smaller trees and bushes that have adapted to require little light to survive.Biomes are the major types of land that cover the earth, marked by the main flora and fauna, or plants and animals, which live in those sections.

There are 5 main biomes, each which has it's own sections. An example analytical essay debate example a research paper english short essay films in telugu ? table ielts essay vocabulary list the good essay example of descriptive writer an essay on theme generator introduction to an essay plan zone essay for your mother's conditioner india.

Biomes are defined as "the world's major communities, classified according to the predominant vegetation and characterized by adaptations of organisms to that particular environment" (Campbell).

Biomes are classified in various ways. Grassland biomes are unaltered areas of land where grass is the dominant plant life, as opposed to other terrestrial biomes where trees occupy most of the land surface. Grassland are found around the globe and have served as grazing areas for a large number of animals, and have been exploited as farming grounds or plantations by humans.

Major biomes include tropical rain forest, northern coniferous forest, tundra, desert, grassland, savanna, and chaparral.

The tropical rain forest is the most complex biome in the world. This biome is found at low elevations in the tropics where it is always warm and wet. Land biomes are the world's major land habitats. These biomes support life on the planet, influence weather patterns, and help to regulate temperature.

Some biomes are characterized by extremely cold temperatures and treeless, frozen landscapes.

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