An analysis of the topic of the ford focus copying honda civic

Look at TrueDelta stats and else where. According to the shop I frequent the only weak point is braking rear springs in areas where road salt is used. In addition I found that the motor mounts are prone to failure. Paired with the 5 speed manual transmission i should never have a trans failure for the life of the car.

An analysis of the topic of the ford focus copying honda civic

Ford Focus engine vibration was created by jdphenix Hello, I posted this to the last hangout - Hello Eric. I really appreciate your videos and you've saved me thousands of dollars with your videos over three cars.

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I used your diagnostic test with an infrared thermometer and checking the O2 sensor live data, and both indicate the cat is bad. I know you've stated previously that catalytic converters don't go bad without something else making them go bad, like burning oil.

This engine gets regular maintenance and the only symptom this car exhibits is a strong vibration across all RPMs that occurs standing or driving. With this scenario, what are the things that I should be checking for before replacing the cat?

I'd hate to put a new one on just to cause it to get toasted shortly down the road. Thanks again for your videos and work.

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I performed the power balance test and every cylinder dropped the RPM about or so, so they all seem to be contributing. Should I test the engine further? I can do a compression test easy enough parts store down the road will let me borrow their tester but I don't have easy access to air for say a leak down test.

An analysis of the topic of the ford focus copying honda civic

I also did some reading online and discovered a pattern problem with engine mounts causing vibration. The TSB was easy enough to check there's no debris in the mount underneath.

The two rubber mounts look fine, and the rubber in them is intact. I have no idea how to properly inspect the hydraulic mount, It looks intact and doesn't seem to have leaked, sooo Following the engine performance videos, I found corrosion inside the spark plug wells and on the plugs, and a crack in one of the plug wires which probably let water in.

I'm replacing those in short order today. I've already sanity checked the air filter replaced recentlyoil miles agoand want to make sure I'm on the right track here.Ford Motor Company’s debt liabilities, long term-debts, current notes is the total of what the company has borrowed.

Ford Focus vs. Honda Civic: Compare reviews, safety ratings, fuel economy, etc.

Define the Business Need We will write a custom essay sample on Ford Motor’s Financial Health Progress Report specifically for you. Ford and pretty much the rest of the competition is heads and shoulders above Corrola, so that $ difference for the Ford is more than made up in better material . provides detailed Ford Focus vs. Honda Civic specs comparisons as well as price comparisons, reliability information, and more. Replied by wysetech on topic Ford Focus engine vibration Please login to view the answers I'm a mechanic because a badass miracle worker is not an official job title.

In a battle of two of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, we’ve decided to pit the Ford Focus against the Honda two of the most known, and. best-selling, vehicles available, they are a very common choice for buyers everywhere looking into the compact sedan market.


Ford Focus vs Honda Civic: compare price, expert/user reviews, mpg, engines, safety, cargo capacity and other specs. Compare against other cars.

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