An analysis of the movie top gun

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. The Combat Air Patrol of the Enterprise is vectored to meet the incoming aircraft, and the fighters involved are F Tomcat interceptors, each manned by a pilot and a Radar Intercept Officer.

An analysis of the movie top gun

This film will have all viewers, both male and female as well as young and old sitting on the edge of their seat. Americans above all have grown to love this movie due to its military and patriotic influences. Top Gun is a coming of age film that pits the greatness of America against the evil of the USSR amidst the struggles and triumphs of a young fighter pilot.

Top Gun was released in This sets the movie in the late eighties as the Cold War is still ongoing. Because of this, the goal of the director, Tony Scott, and producers was to have viewers feeling very patriotic and heroic, inspired by what they had just seen.

The movie shows them with girls and at the bars multiple times. It is because of scenes like this that younger viewers were captivated by the movie. It made them feel like they were part of the crazy dog fights, rigorous training sessions, and popping social life.

Top Gun had an impressive outcome not only in the box office, but in other areas as well. Top Gun was released during a time in which most U. In a L. Ray Gray stated that he credited the movie for spiked interest from many different groups that occurred.

This can partially be credited to the Navy wisely setting up recruitment booths throughout the country with the goal of drawing people who had just viewed Top Gun. This worked to perfection as numbers interested people were the highest they had been for decades.

In the first scene from Top Gun, it immediately becomes apparent that Maverick is different from the rest. After he and his wingman successfully scare off soviet planes through highly unconventional tactics, his wingman Cougarimmediately becomes extremely frightened.

In the encounter, it appears as if he is going to be shot down. After Maverick successfully scares off the plane hunting Cougar down, Cougar essentially stops flying and begins staring at a picture of his wife and new child. During this time, Maverick lands his plane and then immediately takes off back into the air to help his mentally paralyzed comrade.

He then calms Cougar down and they both land safely. At the end of this segment, Cougar quits flying because he has never seen his newborn child. This leaves Maverick as the best fighter pilot on the ship. At the initial meeting of all participants, Maverick sends a clear message that he believes he is the best of all.

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After sometime in the program, it becomes apparent that Maverick and fellow trainee Iceman are the two best pilots in the program. Based on the points system used at the academy, Maverick is just two point behind Iceman heading into a simulated dogfight instructors vs. In this dogfight, Maverick and Iceman are asked to work together for the first time.

Quickly into the battle, Iceman begins following and opposing plane with Maverick covering his wing. Throughout this time, Maverick has a near perfect shot at the opponent, but he is being blocked by Iceman who wants the kill for himself. Following various attempts and maneuvers from Iceman, he is still unable to achieve a radar lock kill on the opponent.

An analysis of the movie top gun

Maverick unsuccessfully attempts to regain control of the plane and is forced to pull the eject rope. While Maverick is ejected safely, the canopy does has not opened fast enough for Goose to properly eject.

Goose is launched into the glass canopy and dies on impact. It is clear that he is not he same pilot as before. Every hero must encounter some sort of hardship on their path to greatness, as this is what makes them great.

The movie is centered around making Maverick a hero. However, the movie would be even more captivating if it had centered around the cold war. In both scenes, the American aircraft prevail victorious though the scene at the end is far more significant than the beginning scene.

Without the presence and opposition of the USSR and its aircraft, Maverick is never presented the opportunity to earn his way to glory.An analysis of the airplanes being flown by students reveals a surprising reason why.

In this movie, we only see F Tomcat pilots being trained at this school. The original school was geared towards training F-4 Phantom pilots. Top Gun is an iconic American action film, remembered for propelling Tom Cruise into the public eye and Hollywood stardom.

While it did not fare that well with critics, it was a big hit at the box office and was lauded for its special effects and the performances of the two leads, Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis.

The Top Gun theme is playing—we're already hooked—and writing pops up on the screen.. In , the Navy established an elite school for its top fighter pilots. . Synopsis. The Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School is where the best of the best train to refine their elite flying skills.

An analysis of the movie top gun

When hotshot fighter pilot Maverick (Tom Cruise) is sent to the school, his reckless attitude and cocky demeanor put him at odds with the other pilots, especially the cool and collected Iceman (Val Kilmer). Dec 19,  · Top Gun Film Analysis. Sam Swinford Mrs. Park English 24 November Top Gun, Maverick, and America Top Gun is among the most thrilling, captivating, and intense movies to ever be made.

This film will have all viewers, both male and female as well as young and old sitting on the edge of their seat. In conclusion, Top Gun is. The massive success of Top Gun, released 30 years ago this week, spawned a new age of Hollywood films like Jaws and Star Wars are credited with fueling the trend of releasing.

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