Alaska aviation capstone program essay

Faa Capstone Project Alaska

Alaska aviation capstone program essay

It is a great pleasure to be here today in Alaska to testify, along with Secretary Mineta and Regional Administrator Poe. The aviation community here has demonstrated a strong commitment to safety.

Alaska Aviation Weather Unit

I believe we in the FAA have a good news story to tell about improvements in aviation safety in recent years, and an even better story to tell about Alaska aviation capstone program essay efforts to expand and build upon the successes already achieved.

Today I would like to highlight a few areas of interest to the Committee: Every decision we make is with the safety of the flying public in mind. Let me begin this morning by describing how serious the FAA is in pursuing the goal of increased aviation safety Alaska aviation capstone program essay Alaska.

When I first came to the FAA, we put in place a strategic business plan — we call it our Flight Plan — with specific objectives and performance targets.

It is noteworthy because no other state was listed individually, only Alaska. When someone in a village is ill and needs medical attention, they will most likely be transported to the hospital via aircraft.

As an essential mode of everyday transportation, aviation must be a safe mode. Clearly, a focused, dedicated, multifaceted, approach to improving aviation safety in Alaska was needed.

I am happy to say the approach we are taking, one that represents the collective efforts of aviators, the State of Alaska, and the FAA, is working. The most promising initiative with potential for broad application to a range of hazards, including terrain, other airborne traffic, and weather, is the Capstone demonstration program in the Alaska Region.

Capstone is a technology-focused safety program in Alaska that seeks near term safety and efficiency gains in aviation by accelerating implementation and use of modern technology, in both avionics and ground system infrastructure. Capstone Phase I, which began inincluded the installation of government-furnished Global Positioning System GPS driven avionics suites in commercial aircraft serving the region around Bethel, Alaska, known as the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Region YK Deltaconsisting of oversquare miles.

The weather data is displayed on the same multifunction cockpit display used for the ADS-B display of traffic, and for terrain data. Capstone equipped aircraft have had a consistently lower accident rate than non-equipped aircraft.

From throughthe rate of accidents for Capstone-equipped aircraft dropped significantly--by 47 percent. Also, the rate of accidents for Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Region-based air carriers has been falling sinceand is now at the lowest rate since Historically, the rate of air taxi accidents within the YK Delta has been two to four times the rest of Alaska, but in the accident rate for the region was below the rest of the state for the first time.

That is real progress. Also as part of Phase II, additional technology infrastructure will be deployed.

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RNAV procedures provide flight path guidance incorporated in taxi procedures, with minimal instructions required during departure by air traffic controllers.

RNP is on-board technology that promises to add to capacity by allowing pilots to fly more direct point-to-point routes reliably and accurately.

Key benefits of RNAV and RNP include more efficient use of airspace, with improved flight profiles, resulting in significant fuel efficiencies to the airlines.

Aircraft avionics equipage is key to an accelerated implementation strategy; therefore Capstone will continue to pursue affordable avionics so that aircraft owners will have a range of choices appropriate to their operational needs. This includes both creating options for equipage and a strategy to ensure that all aircraft in Alaska are equipped.

In addition to technology improvements, the FAA has also undertaken safety management and training efforts in partnership with the aviation community here to increase safety awareness and reduce aircraft accidents.

Alaska aviation capstone program essay

In joint efforts with the Medallion Foundation, a non-profit aviation safety organization that provides management resources, training and support to the Alaskan aviation community, the FAA is funding a program known as the Five Star Shield program, which is an enhanced safety management system.

The Medallion Five Star Shield program takes a business-like approach to safety, providing for the setting of goals as well as planning and measuring performance in specific areas through the use of system safety concepts. The program is voluntary, and focuses on establishing and sustaining an elevated level of safety performance through: To earn the First Star, each air carrier must establish a safety program which, at a minimum, should include safety meetings and audits, the use of root-cause analysis, hazard identification, incident investigations, and a viable emergency response plan.

The Five Star program also requires a classroom training program for pilots, mechanics and ground service personnel, as well as required training on a PC-based computer simulator. Two annual check rides are required to receive this second Star, and annual pilot proficiency check rides are required to keep the Star.

The Third Star involves operational risk management. A dynamic system that provides analytical tools as well as a system of checks and balances to proactively identify hazards and manage risks is required.

The carrier must have an operational risk management system that quantifies the risks for each flight, including weather, airport, and crew readiness.

The total risk score determines if the flight is conducted normally, if more management evaluation is required for release of the flight, or if the flight is cancelled. The Fourth Star concerns maintenance and ground service operations, requiring specific training and manning levels.

The Fifth Star is an internal audit program, which requires incorporation of a proactive internal audit system that focuses on the use of systems safety principles, as well as regulatory compliance.

Alaska aviation capstone program essay

This is a comprehensive audit program requirement intended to allow the operator to continuously monitor their operating systems and provide for continuous improvement. Medallion has specific detailed requirements. Once an applicant has received all five Stars, and passed an independent audit, they may be certified for the Medallion Shield, which is attested to by a decal displayed on the aircraft, and can be used on uniforms and promotional materials.

In order to maintain shield status, the operator must successfully pass an audit each year.Assessment of Advanced Cockpit Displays for General Aviation Aircraft – The Capstone Program Kevin W. Williams1, Alan Yost2, Jeff Holland3, & Robert R.

Tyler 4 1FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, 2USDOT Volpe Center, 3FAA Wichita Aircraft Certification Office, 4Trios Associates Incorporated Introduction Background.

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Purchases - Loans may be made to purchase and install eligible Capstone avionics equipment in aircraft that are principally operated in Alaska. Avionics to be financed cannot have been purchased and installed more than days prior to the date that a loan application is received by . The Federal Aviation Administration has announced its establishment of a national Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technology program office in May to facilitate and oversee the integration of the technology nationally.

🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. Essay about The Capstone Program - The Alaska Region's "Capstone Program" is a safety program in Alaska that focuses on increasing aviation safety through the .

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