A look at the important role of abortion euthanasia and the death penalty in the united states

Catholic authorities justify the right of the State to inflict capital punishment on the ground that the State does not act on its own authority but as the agent of God, who is supreme lord of life and death. In so holding they can properly appeal to Scripture.

A look at the important role of abortion euthanasia and the death penalty in the united states

I suggest to you that, for the individual, the role of abortion will be, as it has been, the second line of defense against harmful pregnancy and the unwanted child. These are contraceptive failures. The societal role will require that we see family planning in a true light: No matter how thin you slice it, ladies and gentlemen, family planning is a euphemism.

We don't intend or desire to prevent conception for conception's sake; we want to prevent conception because of what follows conception. Family planning is the prevention of births, and as birth is the end of a sequence which begins with the sexual urge, then family planning is anti-conception, anti-nidation, and the termination of the conceptus if implanted.

This is the societal role of abortion in the future. Do you believe that you have the right to choose your method of birth control with advice from your doctor?

If you answered YES to [this] question, you are pro-choice. National Abortion Rights Action League. Why should a Pro-Life Activist's Encyclopedia include information on contraception?

Because contraception, by its very definition, seeks to prevent life.


Although its morality is rarely ever discussed any more, even among Christians, it remains one of the major life issues of our time perhaps even more preeminent than abortion. The use of artificial contraception has been called "copulation without population" and "the formula by which one plus one equals zero.

Untilevery mainline Protestant church opposed both contraception and abortion. After the Anglicans accepted contraception in their Resolution 15, resistance to all kinds of anti-life practices crumpled quickly, to include abortion, divorce, euthanasia, and pornography.

Before any of the churches accepted abortion, they accepted artificial contraception. Today, the only churches that actively oppose abortion are those that have maintained the Christian tradition against birth control.

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Therefore, it can be said that the advent of contraception was the very first step down the bioethical 'slippery slope' for this nation and for the world. Chapters 98 through examine all of the major artificial methods of contraception. In order to gain a clear understanding of this topic, two definitions should be explained and contrasted at this time.

Contraception means the prevention of the union of the sperm and egg, or the prevention of ovulation. In other words, it prevents, by some physical mechanism, the creation of a new individual.

On the other hand, as its name implies, birth control prevents the birth of an already-conceived individual, whether that individual is only hours past conception or only hours before birth. Therefore, by definition, abortion is the only true birth control, and all birth control is truly abortion!

So the use of condoms and other barrier methods would be classified as conception control, or contraception.

Pro-Lifers and Birth Control. Many pro-life activists will certainly be offended by the classification of artificial contraception as "anti-life," because these people have completely separated contraception from abortion in their minds.

As far as they are concerned, abortion and artificial contraception are two entirely separate issues. Many pro-life activists use artificial contraception. In fact, it is safe to say that many pro-life women use 'birth control' methods that are actually abortifacient in their methods of operation.

These men and women may not want to hear that they may be committing one or more 'silent' abortions themselves every year, but it would not be intellectually or ethically honest to obscure or omit the truth in this matter. It is ironic in the extreme that a 'pro-life' woman who uses an IUD or the Pill for a decade will commit ten to twenty 'silent' abortions, while a pro-abortion woman using the same methods may only commit only one or two additional abortions through surgical means.

There can no longer be any doubt that contraception and abortion are intimately connected.Religious Organizations and the Death Penalty Robert F. Drinan in the world.

At least 4, of them occurred in China.

A look at the important role of abortion euthanasia and the death penalty in the united states

The United States had forty-five executions in and seventy-four in always opposed to abortion and euthanasia, could have permitted or condoned the. Abortion statistician Christopher Tietze has said that the lifetime abortion rate in a country with moderately effective contraception programs (such as the United States) will be 1, per 1, women.

This means that the best we can expect in this country is that the average woman will have at least one abortion during her lifetime.[8]. While a number of Americans cite religion as the most important influence on shaping their opinion on key social issues such as same-sex marriage, abortion and the death penalty, religious.

An additional percent of all deaths represented euthanasia performed without a contemporaneous request from the patient.(31) If euthanasia were practiced in a comparable percentage of cases in the United States, voluntary euthanasia would account for about 36, deaths each year, and euthanasia without the patient's consent would occur in.

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