A history of the development of mafia from feudalism

Historically much richer than the rest of the country, it was also the birthplace, along with Levittown, of the mass-produced suburb, freeways, much of our modern entrepreneurial culture, and of course mass entertainment.

A history of the development of mafia from feudalism

There is the criminal enterprise called the mafia, and then there are the individuals who were its members. But how does one attempt to prove a connection between a person—such as your own ancestor—and a secret, illegal, and shadowy entity like the Sicilian mafia?

Here are some guidelines to help you avoid common mistakes, when doing your own mafia genealogy.

A history of the development of mafia from feudalism

Know your own family tree. Much of the work of mafia genealogy is in being prepared to recognize a potential connection.

History of Sicily - My Buemi Family

To find out if any particular gangster is your cousin, you have to know your extended family: The more you know about them, their kin, and other networking ties to other Sicilians, the more likely you are to find the connection to a known member of the mafia.

Know the historical context. Understanding such topics as the internment of Italians in the United States after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, or the Mafia purges of the late s by Cesare Mori under Mussolini, tell you the conditions under which your subjects lived, and the events that may have affected their choices.

Did they immigrate before nearly everyone else from that town, or were they leaving around the same time as their neighbors? Was their involvement in a political or social cause prescient or pragmatic?

How much money did they have?

The First Mafia War was the first high-profile conflict between Mafia clans in post-war Italy (the Sicilian Mafia has a long history of violent rivalries). In , mafia boss Cesare Manzella organized a drug shipment to America with the help of two Sicilian clans, the Grecos and the La Barberas. The inward sign of feudalism is the filioque, but the outward sign of the presence of feudalism (and therefore of the absence of Orthodoxy) is in castles, what historians call ‘encastellation’. This is quite clear in Eastern Europe, where castles peter out along the Croat, Polish and Slovak borders. Learn history development feudalism with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of history development feudalism flashcards on Quizlet.

This blog concentrates on the mafia from Corleone, but there are other towns in Sicily with reputations for organized crime. Once you have identified a place where both you and the mafia have ancestors, learn what you can about it, and the criminals who lived there.

Whenever possible, create family trees for the mafiosi you learn about. Keep track of your sources. Concentrate on the primary sources where possible. The mafia is about relationships.

Feudalism aka American Capitalism by David F.

When studying immigration records, look at the whole manifest, not just the lines about your subject. Did this person travel alone? Who did they meet in the US? Did a lot of people who immigrated from the same place, with the same destination, indicate on the passenger manifest the intent to meet the same person?

Construct timelines for your people of interest.

A history of the development of mafia from feudalism

Much of this advice is useful for any genealogical research, not only trying to find the black sheep. But since you will likely be comparing accounts in which you are not sure they mean the same person such as an article about the Fratuzzi, and a marriage record containing the same namea timeline will help.

Along with certain relationships, like who their parents and spouses are, timelines will help you keep individuals distinct.California’s New Feudalism Benefits a Few at the Expense of the Multitude by Joel Kotkin 10/05/ California has been the source of much innovation, from agribusiness and .

Feudalism: a brief history of the idea as both “feudal government” and “the feudal system” in Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nati ons ().

As a term of art used by historians, the adjective “feudal” and the noun “feudalism” may Feudalism in History (Princeton, ).

The family tree of the Corleonese mafia

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As Salvatore Lupo describes in his authoritative History of the Mafia, feudalism decayed into fragmentation of landownership and urbanization plus export-based agriculture and mining became economically dominant trends in Sicily and elsewhere.


There were number of factors that contributed to the development of Mafia from feudalism. From the center of Sicily the mafia came into being from the feudal estates (feudi).

At first, the mafia's purpose was to defend feudal privileges in the rural districts. A summary of Italy in the Mid-Fourteenth Century: The Rise of Humanism (mid 14th century) in 's Italian Renaissance (). Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Italian Renaissance () and what it means.

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