A discussion on the right to express the feelings towards september 11th

It stresses the importance of expressing their feelings through talking, writing, art and music. How to Use this Program: Studies conducted by RMC Research on previous In the Mix specials have shown that these programs engage the interest of teenagers gradescollegedeliver information, catalyze discussion on critical issues, as well as promote analytical thinking and a greater sense of self-efficacy among teens.

A discussion on the right to express the feelings towards september 11th

Responses to Hot Topic It's been an overwhelming two weeks since the terrorist attacks in the US on the 11th of September. Whether physically close to New York City "Ground Zero, " Washington, DC, western Pennsylvania, or much farther away, the emotional and psychological reactions ripple out to affect just about everyone, as well as past our borders to the rest of the world.

One of the ways that many people respond to crisis is to "do something" - write a check, donate blood or items, or give time, talent and energy to a volunteer project formed to provide immediate assistance to victims. Volunteers come forward to do everything from searching for survivors to feeding the rescuers to providing solace to grieving relatives.

The list of expected and unexpected roles volunteers have filled in response to the attacks is enormous, not just in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington but in local communities everywhere. As I've said on other occasions, volunteers are the "silver lining" of the cloud of disaster.

Volunteers have received much media attention in these past two weeks - all of it good. This is the one time during which no one minds being called a "volunteer," either. In fact, the word becomes a badge of honor in a crisis. This halo effect is deserved and I add my genuine appreciation to all the rest.

It is also valuable to note, as Robert Leigh of United Nations Volunteers pointed out in an e-mail to me this week, that the outpouring of offers to help in this emergency clearly demonstrates the reciprocal nature of volunteering.

In addition to genuinely wanting to help, many volunteers deeply need to be doing something constructive and communal for their own mental health, as an outlet for rage, and to overcome the sense of powerlessness.

A discussion on the right to express the feelings towards september 11th

No apologies necessary and great proof of how such service benefits the giver and as well as the receiver. But, particularly as time goes by, we in the volunteer field need to ask some important questions. I raise these not to be negative, but to be constructive.

I see contradictions in this helping frenzy that I believe can be resolved in positive ways. And, if you believe or fear as I do that terrorism attacks may occur again in the future, it is important that we learn from this experience. The Minimal Role of Volunteer Management Professionals Emergency response in a city the size of New York mobilizes literally thousands of people, many of whom are paid to be on the front line.

The obvious ones are employees such as police, firefighters, FEMA staff, or medical personnel, and the less obvious are Mayoral staff, telephone operators, or crane operators. Also on call are major disaster-related nonprofit organizations, notably the Red Cross.

But what also happens is that hundreds even thousands of concerned citizens converge on the site of the crisis and surrounding hospitals and offer to help. Who gets them working?

Who turns them away? Who redirects them to other ways to serve? The Red Cross is experienced in managing large numbers of volunteers in times of natural disasters along with various other local nonprofit agenciesand recently Volunteer Centers have been preparing themselves to serve as a key component in community emergency response.

VOAD Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster is a national organization that has worked hard to build a coalition of agencies who do first response work. In New York City, the Mayor's Voluntary Action Center, a city government agency, has indeed been mobilized to handle some of the workload of the crisis, especially to communicate important emergency information to organizations in their network.

But, the extensive and diverse number of volunteer program managers in New York have not been tapped for their expertise. She called to introduce herself and offer help when she learned he was an investment banker who had arrived on the scene the day after the attack and was assigned to "coordinate volunteers" because he had "some organizational training.

Talk about a volunteer rising to the occasion! He deserves everyone's admiration. How could this happen? Is it really necessary to re-invent the basics of volunteer management in the middle of this sort of crisis?

Why did no one in charge call upon one or many of the civilian volunteerism experts in the city? The answer, I'm afraid, is that they didn't even think of it. And that apparently none of our colleagues either volunteered their expertise, gathered others together, or knew someone powerful enough to make a difference.Thank you for your explanation on the subject.

A discussion on the right to express the feelings towards september 11th

I learned English in this country, and was never taught about this–though I never asked wether there was a difference or not on the word (or words) toward, or towards. Read story MY FEELINGS ABOUT 9/11 by newbyclive (clive newby) with 1, reads.A day when hundreds of inocent person died.

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A day when familes are lost. This is. Thematic Units - September 11th. Remembering September 11th. September 11, , will be a day we never forget.

The students will express their feelings toward the tragedy of September 11, by creating works of art. A short story about a young Iraqi boy opens up classroom discussion about the difficulties some immigrant children.

The Panora Farmers Market will be held every Friday night, through September 21st, from – pm on the Southwest Corner of the Square. It will go on rain or shine, And there is usually Live Music being played as well. Aug 29,  · An extremely powerful and educational way to learn about is through an organization like September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows.

They are family members of 9/11 victims who have figure out how to turn their grief into steps towards peace, justice, and reconciliation.

Oct 01,  · On Tuesday, September 11th, the face of New York City, and indeed the face of American, was changed. Our Office, The Mayor's Voluntary Action Center, is located seven blocks north of The World Trade Center.

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