A discussion on the relationship between music and mathematics

Thus the major third is considered not a third but a ditone, literally "two tones", and is 9: A whole tone is a secondary interval, being derived from two perfect fifths, 3: The just major third, 5:

A discussion on the relationship between music and mathematics


Pondicherry University Dear Costas, What a beautiful question and very interesting answers too. I just want to step aside into a bit of philosophising Both music and math are a medium through which we attempt to connect to an unknown.

James peters was seeking examples of structured set of sounds. In addition to what you have stated I would like to mention 'raga' - in classical Hindustani and Carnatic music traditions 'raga' is a composition of sounds nuanced in a particular style, ascending and descending with a theme that usually connects to expressions of nature or expressions of the heart, for example there are 'ragas' that sync with the break of the dawn or the pitter-patter of rainfall or the rolls and claps of thunder; there are ragas that denote the moods - love, pride, surrender, sorrow, etc.

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Constructing an 'accord' or 'raga' is a mathematical process of the mind, even if the musician consciously does not think so. The mathematician does so by applying appropriate mathematical structures in the process of which he seeks a predictable but as yet unknown.

Both of them start with known fundamentals and some where in their journey manage to loose their self in their pursuit of the abstract.

They fall in love and then become one with the beloved It helps them connect.

A discussion on the relationship between music and mathematics

Have a great day!The link between the physical practice of music and strong mathematical abilities are demonstrated in studies that show that kids who play a musical instrument can perform more complex. Learning to play a musical instrument relies on understanding concepts, such as fractions and ratios, that are important for mathematical achievement.

But the precise relation between music and. As mathematics is both a science and an art, Music is both an art and a science.

A discussion on the relationship between music and mathematics

In this way, the art of music and the science of mathematics are related. Some have postulated that music is the father of mathematics. With renewed interest being shown in the field of the inter-relationship between music and mathematics, several studies have been conducted on how the learning of one can benefit the other.

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Since the time of the Ancient Greeks, much has been written about the relation between mathematics and music: from harmony and number theory, to musical patterns and group theory.

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